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InCanto YakuRaymi

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Singer · Performer · Singing Teacher · Sound Therapist

For 15 years I have been helping people taking contact with their true voice 

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The book contain all the text of my songs and some little stories about their creations! In the song's book you can also enjoy some painting of beautiful artists, inspired by my music!


Tel: + 39 3471346953

Email: maggieincanto@gmail.com


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Listen to one of my songs!


voice: Maggie Pitzalis

violin: Paulina Violina

guitar: Matteo Crugnola

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Singing course 

online or in presence

During the concert you will be transported in sounds from different parts of the world, magical melodies, ancestral songs and you will be invited to listen to what awakens inside you!

The songs will be accompanied by brief cultural hints related to the tradition we approach!

Based on the needs of the location, the concert can be set up in 2 ways:




Through the study of medicine music, mantras, sacred music we will explore your relationship with your voice.

It is also possible to work with music of your choise.

You will learn exercises on how to warm up your voice and heal it from any past misuse.

We will work on the interpretation of what you sing.

Inevitably, the work on vocal expression will bring out behavioural dynamics and habits that we will be able to see together and improve from time to time.

Singing Circle

Sound Treatment

We meet in Circle, a safe space where you can get in touch and experiment with your own voice in an atmosphere which is pleasant, relaxed and without judgement.

We start by warming up our instrument, our body! Warming up is a very important part of preparing for singing, it allows us to gently make contact with our voice and avoids weighing down the vocal apparatus; good warm-up exercises are also useful to re-educate a vocal system that has been not used properly. 

During the circle we share sacred songs from different traditions: Native American medicine songs, Mantras, Christian, Sufi songs. We also work on improvisation and on the use of the voice intuitively!

Andrea and I have been following the Red Path, an American Indian tradition, for several years; we are both vision questers and Andrea is doing an apprenticeship as sacred fire keeper.

The songs that we use most frequently and on which we will focus more from a cultural point of view are the medicine songs. They are very ancient passages that speak to us of an ancestral wisdom, of a knowledge linked to the rhythms and forms of nature.

Having fun and enchanting ourselves with wonderful songs from different cultures of the Earth, we approach the vocal technique, the correct use of our sound system!

Other topics of study are the sound of the Drum and the Sonaca, choral singing, rhythmic games!


It is also possible to participate to a CHANTS CEREMONY that does not include the didactic aspect but is focused on the celebration:

We gather around our beloved Grandfather Fire and give our attention to our life purpose; we pray to the Great Spirit (or whichever Divine expression that resonates with you) through songs, sacred songs, songs related to nature, Mantras, etc.

From time to time, in tune with the season we are in, we will explore different rituals to work on our intentions, in how to improve ourself, to connect and direct our energies towards our life's priorities.

The Fire will be held by Andrea with the traditional ceremonial method of the Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan.

During the sound massage I become a harmonisation channel for your body, mind and spirit. Each treatment involves the higher forces that the person needs, the ascended masters, the archangels, the elemental beings, the spirit guides of nature such as animals and trees.

The session induces a strong sense of relaxation, enhancing the sensory and spiritual journey.

The session begins with a brief sharing about your intention, after which I will have you lie down. In my method I mainly use the voice and according on the needs, I will also use different musical instruments, such us drums, sonaca, percussions, Tibetan bells, cymbals, setar, ukulele.

The session will be accompain by the Reiky energy technique depending on needs.


It is also possible to have a group Sound Treatments, a SOUND JOURNEY CIRCLE:

you will be transported on a sound and sensory journey made up of voices, drums, bells, shruti box and various instruments, based on the sensitivity of the musicians. Based on how many people per circle, we enlist the collaboration of other musicians/sound therapists.

The sound journey will be guided by a voice that will take you into a state of relaxation and reception. A moment that you dedicate to yourself, in which to meet the deepest parts of your being and tune it into the natural state of connection to cosmic consciousness.

You will be pay attention to the images, words, phrases, sensations that will emerge during the session and you will take home an important treasure of new insights and understandings for your life! 


What people experience in my Singing Circles and Concerts



The singing circles with Andrea and Maggie were a great discovery for me and thanks to them and their hearing, I approached this tradition for the first time.

Each encounter is a moment of joy, discovery and sharing in a welcoming and protective space where I feel completely free to express and explore without judgment or expectations.

This journey is freeing my voice but above all my feeling, a UNIQUE opportunity to live in awareness and rootedness.

And now months later, what can I say, I have not only discovered the healing power of singing, but also the beauty of my voice. Heartfelt thanks to you, kind souls!


The experience of the song circle for me is an important expression of soul fulfilment, as well as a feeling of pure pleasure and relaxation. Even if not very intoned, I was welcomed kindly! Great group, I hope to move forward with this experience thank you, thank you!


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Voice as a transporter to the language of unconditional love!

Unexpectedly singing opens up emotions that were untouchable for me, it has a lot to do with intimacy!


Like Earth

you fill my hands,

like Water

untie my thoughts,

like Fire you warm up my passions,

like Aria you make me fly high and there, we get lost in Love!


Maggie picks us up and takes us, recontacting our voice, each one inside himself.

With the gentleness and authority of someone who knows the way.


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You are welcome to send me a message!

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